Willis Tower

So after fighting traffic and paying for crazy parking we made it inside the Willis Tower. As we got there there were a MILLION school kids in the lobby, we lamented. BUT, the guards pushed us ahead, and we didn’t wait in a line at ALL! We walked right into the elevator! Rad right?

As you go up up up to the 103rd floor there is a screen explaining your accent. showing you how high you have come. 

Remember this: 
That is where I am standing!

Even though she didn’t love circus baby, she DID love this!

Just relaxing on top of the world!

I got a little woosy at this point, but Mirah seemed un effected. 
Views from the other sides were spectacular as well. 

Out towards lake Michigan. You can see the Navy Pier where we were the day before!

There was a store up there…Mirah found Hello Kitty. If they sold an Anna Doll with she would have been in heaven. 
Not quiet yet…

We got back to our car in less than an HOUR! 
So we went driving around downtown, trying to find our way to the Zoo, our next scheduled spot. There were tons of things to see. 

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