Lucas’s Christmas Concert

Back to Centerstage for what would of course be another adorable Christmas show. We dropped Lucas off with his classmates and teachers and found our seats.

IMG_9226.JPG 56692694434__0DDBDB5B-404B-46E6-9CC0-B7A0D90F2F98.JPG

The cute program and the stage.

IMG_9257.JPG 56692695476__C3C51100-7895-4875-8BCA-9DA39B25804A.JPG

And the kids were on! Oh my goodness Lucas is so freaking cute.

Jingle Bells!

IMG_9229.JPG IMG_9230.JPG

Late Last Night…this song is a classic.


Then Lucas got a TIE! What could it mean?

IMG_9234.JPG IMG_9235.JPG
IMG_9236.JPG IMG_9237.JPG

When he went and grabbed the tree.

It was his big moment as a fir tree!

Who even knows WHAT the kids are singing.

Lucas was the DAD, for the second family and got to chop down the tree!


Some still shots.

IMG_0992.JPG IMG_0993.JPG
IMG_0994.JPG IMG_0995.JPG

Christmas lights on he branches!! And Lucas, GOT UP! Christmas Lights Flashing.

Snow came, and forest animals came to take shelter under the littlest Christmas tree.

Snow is Falling all Around, and that girl in the back is having a hard time…and the little boys are just screaming. Then the stars came.

I’m at Little Star…this song. Tra la la tra la la tra la la la la

I’m the Happiest Christmas Tree! Ho Ho Ho He He He

IMG_0998.JPG IMG_9245.JPG

The Last little message to the crowd,

We Wish You A Merry Christmas!


What a bunch of screaming cuties. The bow at the end…

IMG_9247.JPG IMG_9248.JPG
IMG_9250.JPG IMG_9251.JPG

The all got a coloring book.

IMG_9253.JPG IMG_9254.JPG IMG_9255.JPG

Lucas with the happiest Christmas tree and his teachers.

Top: Miss Kennedy, Miss Carlene, Miss Jilanie

Bottom: Miss Maranika, Lucas, and the Happiest Christmas Tree.

IMG_9259.JPG IMG_9260.JPG

We got McDonalds to celebrate. Love this sweet little boy.

IMG_9262.JPG IMG_9263.JPG



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