Chicago Instiute of Art

So this was just, SUCH a pleasure. 
Well, everything but the film exhibit we saw first thing. It was call Clown Torture. I am pointing to the directory image for it. It was completely upsetting. 
Despite the rought start, the rest were so wonderful. 

Mirah’s first Jackson Pollock. 
Can you guess who did this one below?
You want to say Picaso right? Well it was actually a Jackson Pollock.
I would hang both of the two below in my home. 

This exhibit compaired micro chips to cities. This is Chicago. 

This one made me think of my mom. 

As did all of these Monet’s. They have a TON of Monet’s. Anything of his also makes me feel of my mother. I remember when I took my first art class in college, Mom and I talked about how we both loved his work. 
This one I have never seen before. It is London Palement at Sunset. You can just tell he was trying to catpure the haze. Love it.

The of Cousre,  A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte By Seurat

Another day. MUCH smaller, probably 5 inches by 7. 

Then there was Van Gogh.

Then of course there is American Gothic:

One of Karl’s favorite exhibits, Medieval amour. 

This one is called Jesus and John the Baptists Greet. Yikes.

I would hang this one in my home. It also makes me think of my mom. 
This extraordinary hall of Asian sculpture:
There was a post Alexander Egyptian exhibit. So much gold. 

This was literally less than HALF of the things we saw, and did the picture we took. 

It was getting late, and Mirah needed a run around. Luckily right across the street was Millennium Park. 
We spent quite some time at the crown fountain. 

Mirah and I went out.
The images were video. They blink and smile, and when they do this face:
Mirah loved the shallow water. She loved to watch the water ripple away from her. 

Mirah started to get cold and ask for her sox, so we moved on to another iconic Chicago stop.

Cloud Gate.

Mirah was completely taken with her own reflection. 

Making friends where ever she goes. 

Our best view of what I consider the most Iconic Chicago building, the Crain Communication Building. 
Crossing the Bridge at Michigan Ave. 
Once back at the car, we head back to the hotel. 
We made a little stop on our way back.
I had never had a White Castle.
It was literally terrible. 
Literally like little hamburgers stand with too much onion and bread. 
But, I can say I had one, and it was terrible.
Unlike that day which was FANTASTIC! 

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