First full Day in Mexico

Well the view in the morning was still amazing.

IMG_9443.JPG IMG_9444.JPG

The theme of this trip-CHILL. Breakfast of cereal and fruit. Spending the morning in our jammys. Enjoying the sun, doing crafts and just relaxing.

IMG_9441.JPG IMG_9442.JPG

We turned on Music and the spoken word, with Christmas music and sunshine we set up the Christmas tree.

IMG_9447.JPG IMG_9448.JPG
IMG_9449.JPG IMG_9450.JPG

Malia brought a tiny nativity with her.

IMG_9491.JPG IMG_9492.JPG

After music and the spoken word was over, we started Christmas movies. We watched National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

IMG_9446.JPG IMG_9445.JPG
IMG_9456.JPG IMG_9457.JPG

The tile kept it cold. So we opened the oven to warm it up a little.

IMG_9453.JPG IMG_9454.JPG IMG_9459.JPG

Karl took the kids to the tide pools. Love the sight of my cute family.

IMG_9460.JPG IMG_9462.JPG

I enjoyed relaxing and drinking Limonada.


We caught up on Survivor and did a puzzle.

IMG_9466.JPG IMG_9467.JPG



We had a late lunch of Macaroni and cheese down by the pool.



IMG_9472.JPG IMG_9473.JPG



Then in to the water.



IMG_9479.JPG IMG_9477.JPG


IMG_9483.JPG IMG_9482.JPG
IMG_9482.JPG IMG_9484.JPG
IMG_9485.JPG IMG_9486.JPG

The hot tub was the only water that was comfortable. The pool was ICE cold.

IMG_9488.JPG IMG_9489.JPG



Karl and the kids wanted to stay in the water, so I went up to take a nap.

IMG_9493.JPG IMG_9494.JPG

Dinner was tacos. Karl and Malia went out to get.

IMG_9496.JPG IMG_9497.JPG

We watched a Christmas Story and put the kids in bed.


We stayed up and played games.

Pretty perfect day.

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