Christmas Eve, Adventuring Out

Happy Christmas Eve!

Another perfect day on the beach of Mexico!


To be festive, Aunt Malia did Mirah’s hair like a Christmas tree. Grandma Hite had sent us with beads, that you may have noticed Mirah made necklaces for everyone and Malia put some of the beads in Mirah’s hair.

IMG_9505.JPG IMG_9503.JPG

We wanted to do a little exploring that day, so we headed out. On our way down the kids showed me their rock they found on the beach. Dad expertly told them he needed to live outside. So they visited him every time we passed the entrance to the building. They called him Rocky. He might now be living in our garden.

IMG_9506.JPG IMG_9508.JPG

To the center of Puerto Pinasco!


IMG_9509.JPG IMG_9510.JPG

Real balancing.

IMG_9511.JPG IMG_9512.JPG

Heading towards the shops, and we decided for fun, at 10 in the morning, to get ice cream. Because we were on vacation!!


Mirah got bubble gum, Lucas got chocolate with sprinkles, I got putter pecan.

IMG_9515.JPG IMG_9517.JPG IMG_9518.JPG
IMG_9519.JPG IMG_9520.JPG IMG_9522.JPG


IMG_9523.JPG IMG_9524.JPG


IMG_9525.JPG IMG_9526.JPG


IMG_9527.JPG IMG_9528.JPG

We went shopping, our first pass. And we got an idea of things we wanted to get later.

IMG_9529.JPG IMG_9531.JPG

We got some bracelets with their names on them for the kids, and we were trying to surprise them. So here I am distracting them.

IMG_9532.JPG IMG_9533.JPG
IMG_9535.JPG IMG_9534.JPG

The Restaurant on Rocky Point.


We decided to go there for lunch.


IMG_9539.JPG IMG_9538.JPG

Mirah in my sweater, with her new bracelet.

IMG_9542.JPG IMG_9543.JPG IMG_9544.JPG

A definite highlight for the kids was feeding these pigeons chips. One of the birds only has one foot, and he is pretty cute.

IMG_9545.JPG IMG_9546.JPG

Lunch was served. LUCAS! Ugh the kids and salt.

IMG_9551.JPG IMG_9552.JPG

Karl got, Flounder I think. Malia got enchiladas.

IMG_9554.JPG IMG_9556.JPG

I got shrimp mushroom pasta, which I know what you are thinking, but it is what I wanted.


Pictures on the pier.

IMG_9558.JPG IMG_9558.JPG


IMG_9560.JPG IMG_9561.JPG
IMG_9561-EFFECTS.jpg IMG_9562.JPG

A pretty wonderful day.

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