Conference Sunday

Good Morning!
We were up bright and early. For a special treat, GERMAN PANCAKES!
Sugar Free syrup, and I used whole wheat flour…not SO bad.
 We listed to Music and the spoken word over breakfast. Then conference began. 
It took Mirah no time at all to get a million books out. 
 later in the session we had a little snack.
 And I started dinner. ROAST. 
 Karl was feeling a bit under the weather this morning. Mirah helped him feel better.
 The lovely Maryn was with us for the first session, and MIRAH LOVED IT.
 Aunt Maryn, the best playmate of all! Making conference for bearable for a little girl!
 Look at that face!
 Lots of snuggles. 
 We were really excited when the Prophet was up. A beautiful message. 
 After the session was over, we wrote Chelsea letters. 
We napped in between the sessions, and have enjoyed the music and the talks. 
What a wonderful weekend. Time to listen, relax, and learn from our leaders and the spirit! 

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