Conference Saturday

Happy Conference weekend! One of my FAVORITE weekends of the year. 
We got up and made amazing omletes. It was still Saturday, so we ran a couple of errands before conference starrted.
Like going to the local Nursery and getting some flowers to plant into my pots on my stoop. 
Rainbow blanket cuddles!
Taking notes, and enjoying listening to the Prophet and other leaders of the church. 

Mirah is two, so it is a bit hard to listen all the time. 
We suddenly looked and realized that she was trying on my gloves. 

On Dad’s legs!
Time to walk around!
One of my favorite talks of the day. Powerful. I love that a sister spoke so clearly on pornography.  
For the break, we made a quick stop at Winco, and while we were there we found a couple of kites. 
It was a really windy day, so we decided to head over to Sharon Park, and take them out for a spin.

Karl got a stunt kite, that proved a bit trickier than first believed to fly. 
Mirah and I flew the $3 kite with awesome FLAMES on it. 
All the wind was from a storm rolling in. 

We had fun running around. 

Mirah even took a turn!

Watch her go for it!
Karl took a turn with our kite too!
Here he is, he managed to let ALL the string out. 
Watch it!
After a while, we were getting cold, so Mirah and I sat on the hill and watched. 

Once Karl was able to get all of the sting wound back up he came running back to us!
Back to the house, Mirah went down for her nap. 
the Afternoon session started a while later, and we enjoyed it.
The evening brought Priesthood session, so Mirah and I ran out and did a few errands.
When we got back, we made dinner of burgers and salad, as Maryn arrived to join us.

After Mirah was in bed, we watched Gravity. Yikes.
GREAT day!

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