Timpanogos Elementary Art Show

So last week we had Karen with us, when I picked her up from school she had a note pinned to her shirt. It said that on April 1st there was going to be a student art show. I found the not yesterday…and frantically called Krysta to tell her about it. Zac was at work and they were taking care of Story so the walked over to the school and met up with us!
Karen had TWO works presented:
As is usual when we get the girls together, Karen wanted to hold Mirah and make sure she wasn’t getting into too much trouble.
We encouraged them to just hold hands, which they did…super cutely. 
We walked up and down all three floors and enjoyed all of the cute and different styles of art.
Like these finger print drawings. 
These self portraits done in water color.
Forced perspective, using hand and foot tracings. The picture Krysta is looking at the little kid who made sure the teture of the bottom of his shoes matched. Story was super duper sweet. She just road along quietly with us. 
This group was one of my favorite. I was like, I would frame this if my kid brought this home.
This one was my favorite porject however. The assignment was a modern Mona Lisa. 
Then they gave them all names. Like Uni Lisa, Kitty Lisa, Cyborg Mona Lisa, Sponge Bob Mona Lisa and so on. She what you can spot!
Mirah and Karl looking out the Window. 
Seriously fun little event. Gave me all kinds of ideas of art projects that I want to try with Mirah now she is getting older. 

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