Festival of Colors!

We got up bright and early to go to the Annual Festival of Colors!
We got out to the temple around 10 AM, got parking across the street, and walked over.
Mirah and me doing piggy back.
The Hite Family!
Our Before Picture:
Just as a Sneak Peak, Our After:
Me and Maryn Before:
Us After:
A seriously fun morning. 
First off we had to wait in line to get colors:
The morning was warm and sunny and it was nice to be out together. 
Mission accomplished. 
Next we bought scarves to protect ourselves from rough colors.

Colors didn’t technically though for another 25 minutes, but we just couldn’t wait!

The mob began to gather. 
Mirah was tentative at first…
But she LOVED it.
Me too!

Opps…I threw orange at Maryn right as she was looking at her phone. 
She was a good sport.

We found an elephant.
Beautiful arches.

My favorite shot of the day.

It was at this point we started looking at ourselves…

We started to get a little sun baked so we went inside to the gift shop to look around and get some shade.

We just looked so much more haggard inside.
Mirah got some feathers!
Back outside!

The crowd started to get HUGE. 
Maryn took off for a while, and the three of us sat on the hill together.

The time had come…

Heading out!

My elbow pits…yuck.
Cleaning off…

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