That’s Rock Paper Scissors for BLOOD!
This is the little boy who is getting the help.
We were joined by Malia and the boys! We went to Green Panda for dinner, then headed over to participate. 
Signing up.
Dancing together…
A storm trouper came over and offered us a helmet…
Judah liked to give Malia hugs in the helmet.
Asher wanted his turn!

These guys are part of the 501 Legion, which is under the Alpine Garrison. A whole thing. Basically, that are pros. Super cool of them to come out and give their time.
They also had a professional photographer with them that gave us some REALLY great photos.

 Guys getting into the spirit of the competition.

Mirah was curious, and maybe wanted to try too…

It turned out not.
Then to the main event!
It took a shockinly long time to explain the rules for rock paper scissors. They did mention, no Spock, and no Lizard. 🙂
Karl was up, and he lost!
Good time and it was fun to support!

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