Andrew’s Funeral

Today was Andrews funeral. Last night was his viewing. 
My heart aches for him and for his family. Funerals are terrible, emotional and sad.
It was however a beautiful offering of love to Andrew. It was clear that he was a truly kind, intelligent, dedicated, genuine person.  
Andrew’s bike, the guitar he spent 6 months making, pottery he had made and photos of Andrew.
This little tribute to him was so incredibly moving to me:

The service included a talk from Andrew’s brother and sister, a message from an emeritus 70, and many wonderful musical numbers. Andrews mom was in Mo Tab for years so a group of members came and sang. We were agreeing it was truly inspiring. Marvin Payne sang one of his songs called Tender Mercies. After the service Andrews family asked that his friends follow the funeral procession on bike.
Mirah has been so sick this week so Karl road as Mirah, Karen and I road behind. 

The group gathering. 
 Many people came to ride along side him.
 Including Mayor John Curtis and his wife.
The bikes at the cemetery. To the far right, Andrews bike. Graham and Zac ghost road it to the cemetery.
Dylan and Chris looking at Andrews bike at the pallbearers wait to take Andrew to his final resting place.
Well attended graveside service. 
A beautiful medially was played on an acoustic guitar after the dedication of the grave.
This clump of bikes caught my eye on my way back to the car.
What you are looking at is Krysta’s extra cycle. Covered in bikes that do not have kick stands. They are using it to keep their bikes standing up.
One thing that I feel like I learn most of all from Andrew this week:

If you are feeling so low, talk to someone.

As I walked past this group of bikes I was struck with this lesson.  These bikes are beautiful and seem to me, to be in working order.  Yet with out something to lean on, they will fall over.

Whether you yourself are struggling, or someone you know is struggling, talk to someone.
Maybe you can be the person someone else needs to lean on.
Maybe you are in need of someone to help you stand up.

Be the help.
Find the help you need.
Professional if necessary. 

Andrew will be terribly missed.

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  1. I've been watching this story since you and Krysta posted about him missing last week. I'm so so sorry. It's so hard to lose a friend, and he seemed like such a wonderful person. This was a beautiful tribute. Much love and prayers from us to you guys and his family.

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