Christmas Time with the Hites is Here

It has been snowing for WEEKS! It has been grey and dark and miserable for weeks. The light at the end of the tunnel…CHRISTMAS! The Shining star in my life…MIRAH!
We are inside all of the time, and things are rough sometimes but we keep each other happy. We love to play with her ABC magnets on the Fridge, color with crayons, watch baby signing time, and her new favorite, Meet the Letters. She will wake up in the morning and ask for ABC’s. She loves to wear mom and dad’s cloths.

Like the other day, when she wanted to wear my hat.  

She is getting so grown up. 

Another bright spot…
Extra family in town! Malia is in town. 
We got together on Friday night and decorated cookies. 

Nick had never decorated sugar cookies before! 
Betsy’s cookie, and Nick’s cookie. 
Judah was in his element. HE LOVED IT!

He tried to us a tootsie roll  on his cookie, but it just wasn’t the right aesthetic. 
He was amazing. He sat for like, an hour and decorated his cookie. 
Trying for a mustache.
Then there was Asher.  He was mostly interested in eating the candy and cookies.
Getting tips from his dad.

He eventually lost interest and went back to decorating the Christmas tree. 

Mirah and Karl were having a great time decorating too!

Mirah took Asher’s approach.  Eat it while it’s fresh. 

I was just tired. I had spent the whole day getting ready to leave for our trip, and I made all of the cookies… I was BEAT.
Some finished products.

After cookies, we gathered around the tree, and Aunt Maila gave all the kids presents. 

Mirah the Mircat!
Saturday Karl and I went to go and see Juanito Bandito Christmas show. 
The Whitmores were so cool. They let Mirah hang out with them all day.

We had a really great time out there together.  We had Bahn Mi for lunch and were back in time to have amazing dinner with the Whitmores. Two Jacks, extra cheese bread.

We went over to the Reddoch’s place to play cards and hang out. 

Karl’s parents have arrived in town, and we played scum together again. 
Mom was tired from the day, so she sat out this time.
Not dad…
Our treat?
Egg nog!

We played into the night
We lost mom.
Someone farted.

The next day was Sunday. 
Mom and dad helped us get the Sudnut dough made. 
Karl made it. Mom kneaded it.
We went to church together, then off to dinner at the Reddoch’s again. We went over and had tacos for dinner. The SPUDNUTS, and It’s a wonderful life. It was such a great night. 

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