Saturday After the Hot Springs

We were all pretty hungry, breakfast was SO long ago, since the kids got us all up so early.

The vote to stop at this local diner, Sandi’s Drive Inn, was unanimous.

We all ate horrenduously bad. Zac got this HUGE chili cheese dog:


The rest of us got tator tots, big burgers, fried cheese curds, fries and of course shakes.

After all of that time in the hot water and sun, we were all fried. Everyone came home and took KILLER naps. We had talked about doing other things, but really we just hung around the house, played games and napped.

IMG_6084.JPG IMG_6085.JPG

After we were all up again, we hung out on this little porch out back and chatted.

IMG_6089.JPG IMG_6090.JPG
IMG_6095.JPG IMG_6087.JPG

This girl, my forever sister. Love her so much. SO SO thankful she is in my life.

IMG_6098.JPG IMG_6100.JPG



Zac eventually made it out to us. Sleepy.

IMG_6111.JPG IMG_6113.JPG
IMG_6115.JPG IMG_6117.JPG

So in one of the cuppords there is this singing bass thing. And the little song it sang was stuck in all of our heads all weekend. Lucas was even singing it:


So then we made him go and get it.



Dancing dancing dancing.

IMG_6120.JPG IMG_6121.JPG


After all that napping and all of that sitting, we were hungry! We agreed on Chinese.

IMG_6122.JPG IMG_6123.JPG


IMG_6124.JPG IMG_6125.JPG

After dinner the Whitmores went to check out the local Comic book store, and we took the kids to the park. While parking, this happened:

IMG_6126.JPG IMG_6127.JPG IMG_6128.JPG
IMG_6129.JPG IMG_6131.JPG IMG_6130.JPG

Their baseball team won state. I guess.

We were just feeling like running around.


Especially Karl.




After the park, we came home and I pulled out the shooters again, and the glow stick stuff.

IMG_6145.JPG IMG_6146.JPG
IMG_6147.JPG IMG_6148.JPG
IMG_6149.JPG IMG_6150.JPG
IMG_6151.JPG IMG_6152.JPG
IMG_6153.JPG IMG_6154.JPG
IMG_6156.JPG IMG_6157.JPG
IMG_6163.JPG IMG_6162.JPG

Another magical day. Sigh.


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