Mirah Goes Sledding!

I got Karl a sled for Christmas, and I decided to give it to him early so we could go out and enjoy it together. It hasn’t snowed for a week, but the temperature has stayed so cold, it really hasn’t melted off at all. 
Went down to the local park this morning. 
 There is a little hill that is a perfect size to take Mirah on her first sledding adventure.
Karl tired it our first.
 Mirah was up!

 We were having a ball! 
The air is TERRIBLE today. We were already getting a little winded. 
 My turn!

 Very soon after this, the sled broke. 
 Bur da da, da da.
 Happy ending!
We were able to return the sled! We got a couple of new one! 
Here’s to more sledding to come!

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