Karen’s Birthday!

Karen is turning 6! 
She was kind enough to let us come and join her at her birthday party. 
(Just as a side note here, Karl dressed Mirah today.)
Me and the birthday girl in a crown I guess by the handwriting was made by Krysta.
The beautiful, proud and talented MAMA Krysta. 
The theme Karen picked was Christmas. 🙂
 Krysta put out treats for the kids to snack on. We got there a little early, so Mirah got there first.
 She actually successfully peeled a Mandarin orange today, by herself, for the first time…I know. AMAZING!
 It was a move of despiration really, we basically couldn’t peel them fast enough for her, so she took matters into her own hands.
Proud Dad.
Eventually other friends arrived, and Mirah started on the carrot sticks. 
What’s up booger face?
 The activity was making Christmas ornaments. 
 The little girls crowed the table as the adults struggled with the STIFF clay.
Karl really got the hang of it by the end. I fear he will have DOMS in the morning. 
Mirah could mostly just watch, but she and her dad made one together. 
 All of the finished creations:
 Next, Sticker the Sticker of this pony’s “dazel” (is that right) onto her bum…I guess. 
 The gang getting excited!
 Krysta was very deliberate in having a small group of kids over at one time. 
Even so, it was a lot of little girls in one room. 
Zac’s face says it all here. If you were in the room at that moment, sitting next to him, you would have had to shout. 🙂
The game a comedy, party hats, and laughter and cheating! 
They even gave little Mirah a turn.
 On to the best part…PRESENTS!!
Amazing sweaters.
Amazing gift drawings:
This pony is Karen and her cutie mark, LIGHT SABORS!!!! 
Mirah just wanted to be one of the girls. The age gap is just a little to big night now. These girls are not interested in babies. They don’t want to play with her talk to her, share with her or be touched by her.
 This little girl kept scooting further and further over to get away from Mirah. Until she was totally crowding the girl next to her and started screaming, “Leave me alone!” When the girls had gone to play later I commented, “I don’t remember being so mean about little sisters when I was s kid.” Zac laughed. Krysta’s mom who had just arrived (and who raised five girls) also laugh out loud. Their laughter caused me to pause and realize…the sister I fought with the most was Krystin, who is 5 years younger than me. Ugh. Sorry Krystin. I was the worst! 
Hostly I kind of broke my heart seeing these sweet little girls hate on her and dismiss her so much. It was funny to watch, but I guess like all parents, they want there kids to be like and well treated, which is not always a realistic hope. I can still hope though. Kids are kids, though, I just hope that it won’t make it so Karen and Mirah can’t be friends as they grow up.
 The other girls seemed to love each other though! 

Finally cake! Mirah and I “shared” a piece. 
 In the end, I left her a little. 
 She didn’t seem to mind.
 Drunk with happy, and cake. 

Karen and her Grandma Cox!
 I think that I have said this before, but Mirah LOVES Zac. 
Here she is admiring him in Karen’s new hat.

After all of the cute little girls had cleared out, we all headed over to Karen’s favorite place, India Palace for dinner. It was getting a little late, and Mirah was started to want to go home. 
 She eventally would dump our he water twice, refuse to eat anything and cover the table, floor and herself with rice. 
 Still, she loved to hit Dad in the face.
 Still smiling.
Karen was super excited to get her strawberry lassi! 
The Whitmores!
 Burton and Maryann!
 It was a really fun night! 
Love having friends/family to celebrate life with! Love you guys and HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN!!

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