Summer BUSY Time-Library, Baby, FUN!

Things have been NUTS in the yard this week, now that that is all finished I am diving into all the other things I need to do, like some SELF CARE.


We also have been doing awesome on our new pin chart.

IMG_7341.JPG IMG_7339.JPG IMG_7340.JPG

Last few practices of singers company.

IMG_7308.JPG IMG_7310.JPG

Got our family picture day outfits.


We of course made a few trips to the library, look what I found:


One visit was so much fun with the Roberts where we to visited the Lego Lab.

IMG_7343.JPG IMG_7352.JPG
IMG_7351.JPG IMG_7353.JPG

These kids.

IMG_7355.JPG IMG_7356.JPG
IMG_7357.JPG IMG_7358.JPG

We sat together with Devanie and Dane doing duplo blocks.

IMG_7359.JPG IMG_7360.JPG

Lucas was really getting into it.

IMG_7361.JPG IMG_7366.JPG



IMG_7363.JPG IMG_7364.JPG


IMG_7367.JPG IMG_7368.JPG



IMG_7370.JPG IMG_7371.JPG
IMG_7372.JPG IMG_7373.JPG
IMG_7376.JPG IMG_7379.JPG


IMG_7382.JPG IMG_7383.JPG
IMG_7384.JPG IMG_7385.JPG


I took dinner into my sweet neighbor with these ladies from the primary presidency and got to see her new baby!

OHHHH I love visiting little babies.

IMG_7390.JPG IMG_7392.JPG

I even squeezed in a date night with Karl, who was SO tired from all of the yard work, and work work he had been buried under this week. Poor guy.


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