Singer’s Company Spring Show

Mirah’s Spring singer’s company performance had arrived. We wanted to see my little brother Branny before the wedding next week. Mirah had a performance the week. After lots of conversations and talking with Mirah we decided that we would leave a couple days later for our trip so she could do the Saturday performance, but she would miss the Tuesday performance.

So we spent Saturday packing the car, and getting ready to go STRAIGHT from the concert.

The car was packed, and Mirah was ready.

IMG_7396.JPG IMG_7396.JPG
IMG_7398.JPG IMG_7398.JPG


Mirah was so freaking cute this day, and did so so well. I took about a million pictures and the rest of the post will go on mostly uncommented on. Its mostly Mirah, and its VERY cute.


IMG_7399.JPG IMG_7405.JPG

Miss Camille the leader of the group welcomed us and got the girls ready to sing!

IMG_7406.JPG IMG_7411.JPG

IMG_7413.JPG IMG_7416.JPG
IMG_7414.JPG IMG_7417.JPG
IMG_7418.JPG IMG_7421.JPG


IMG_7423.JPG IMG_7444.JPG


IMG_7427.JPG IMG_7426.JPG
IMG_7429.JPG IMG_7432.JPG IMG_7434.JPG
IMG_7435.JPG IMG_7437.JPG IMG_7438.JPG
IMG_7441.JPG IMG_7442.JPG IMG_7443.JPG


IMG_7446.JPG IMG_7459.JPG IMG_7460.JPG
IMG_7449.JPG IMG_7450.JPG IMG_7452.JPG

Little girls sat down, while the bigger girls went on.

IMG_7466.JPG IMG_7470.JPG

Bippity boppity boo!




IMG_7474.JPG IMG_7475.JPG
IMG_7476.JPG IMG_7478.JPG

Miss Aftyn showing the group how it’s done.

IMG_7486.JPG IMG_7488.JPG IMG_7489.JPG IMG_7491.JPG



IMG_7503.JPG IMG_7504.JPG
IMG_7505.JPG IMG_7506.JPG
IMG_7507.JPG IMG_7509.JPG




Mirah’s solo in Baby Mine!

IMG_7514.JPG IMG_7516.JPG IMG_7519.JPG








IMG_7523.JPG IMG_7540.JPG IMG_7525.JPG


IMG_7531.JPG IMG_7532.JPG
IMG_7534.JPG IMG_7536.JPG


IMG_7552.JPG IMG_7553.JPG




IMG_7557.JPG IMG_7557.JPG


IMG_7562.JPG IMG_7564.JPG





We’ve dediced not to do Singer’s Company again next year. It was a fun thing to do together though.

IMG_7568.JPG IMG_7569.JPG IMG_7571.JPG
IMG_7573.JPG IMG_7575.JPG
IMG_7576.JPG IMG_7577.JPG

Oh my cutie pies.

IMG_7580.JPG IMG_7581.JPG
IMG_7583.JPG IMG_7584.JPG IMG_7585.JPG

All done.

IMG_7586.JPG IMG_7587.JPG


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