Goodbye Front Garden-The Saga Continues

Just a quick recap, on the awful side yard of our house. When we moved in there was this big tree out front. It seemed lovely, but then it started to show it’s true colors, so with help from friends in the ward, we had it cut down.


That story:

The Tree Came Down


Lucas was an infant.


Then in the following ward clean up, the ward helped us pull out the stump:

IMG_7033.JPG IMG_7034.JPG IMG_7035.JPG

That whole saga:

Ward Clean Up 2016

Then followed years of lovely fruitful gardens.

IMG_7028.JPG IMG_7029.JPG IMG_7030.JPG

This year we had the watermelon harvest of a lifetime!

Garden Update: Watermelon

Then this past fall, the garden came out again, and it sat, dead and over grown again.


I am just not feeling a big garden this year, and the fact that it’s out front, for the whole neighborhood to see, it’s dead emptiness, I have thrown up my hands, and we have taken another step, to level it out, in preparation for it’s next phase.


With help from Karl, and Lanyn and Dallyn Swan, it took hours of raking, and weeding, and shoveling, but we finally got it flattened.


The crew.

On Thursday May 30, 2019

IMG_7022.JPG IMG_7023.JPG

A new view.


Next Phase, was to do some more leveling, and taking down the hoop!

Thankfully, we had some great neighbors who could help with the project. It took Karl about an hour to get this thing unscrewed. We had to go to another neighbor for sockets that were big enough. We got it loose, and then recruited the help.


Down she blows!!!

Glad that didn’t land on anyone’s foot.


Little Lucas.


The new clearer view.


Anyone want a hoop?

IMG_7333.JPG IMG_7334.JPG IMG_7336.JPG

The next morning, I am loving this view!


I spent the day leveling the ground, buying bags of mulch, and then a very terrible hour in the rain where Karl and I were totally exhausted and SOAKED from the rain. But we did it. It’s done.




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