The Surgery

Well, the sad day had come. Not sad really, just a little scary. 
Really scary for me. Mirah was totally oblivious to everything. Which is part of the reason why we did this now and not later.
Here we are on our way! We got up early. Forced fluids. We got Mirah bathed. We got on the road.
 Even with a busted up nose. 
She is just looking so lovely. 
She loves this little pumpkin. She loves to hold it. And drop it. And kiss it.
 After parking, getting lost, and then re-parking again we made it right on time to check in a registration. 
 Mirah wasn’t supposed to eat after midnight and no liquids after 8:30 AM.
So by the time we got to the pre-op waiting room Mirah was ravenous. 
Hungry enough to try and eat the plastic food in the waiting room. 
 We couldn’t get it away from her. 
She even sang a song that she made up on the little piano:
“Eat eat eat eat time.”
I think it was loosely based on Baby Signing Time.
 She loves wagons. Ever since the pumpkin patch, any time she sees a wagon, she must get into it!
She had a good time waiting. It is like this children’s hospital had done this before…
 All the toys must be mine.
 Fish tank. 
 After a little wait, we in to meet with the doctor.
 Mirah wanted to wear Karl’s name tag.
 We got her into her surgery PJ’s.
 Looking cute.
 The doctor and anesthesiologist were cool to answer all of our questions and talk us through everything. We parted just outside of the operating room.
Mirah didn’t cry, she didn’t fuss, she just went with the doctor.
Our doctor, Dr. Gociman took these right before and after surgery.

You totally see here what happened during the fall.
She hit the cinder block bench and it scraped up her nose and and broke it.

When we met up with Mirah again she was SCREAMING in recovery. 

She calmed right down after some snuggles with Mom.
 I think that she was a little scared on her own. 
 We snuggled in bed for a little while. I kept smelling cake. I realized after mentioning it a couple of times that it was THIS nitrous oxide. They flavored it like cake or cotton candy or something so Mirah wouldn’t fight taking it. Once she was dosed with that, they put in her IV, and then general anesthesia. 
As soon as she was well enough to sit up she sat up and ate a whole jello cup and an entire apple sauce.
 And two packs of crackers.
She did amazingly. The doc came in and told us everything went perfectly. The bone that was out of place was back where it belonged, her septum is now straight, and there were no complications. She was under for less than a half an hour…everything went great!

 We came home after being discharged and all took a nap.

When she woke up she was really in great spirits. She was being such a champion.
Dinner at Zupas. Our sweet relief society offered to do dinners for us. We almost took them up on it, but since she is doing so well, and really was just as cute as can be we were fine. 
Before dinner we made a specail stop at the local pet store to check out the doggies and kittens. 
The fish were cool too. 
One more for the road.

The day went well, Mirah’s recovery is great, and we feel super blesses to have such great friends and family rooting for us.
Thanks for all of you love, prayers and support over the past week. 

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