Mirah Update

Mirah’s face is looking a lot better. 
Well today, Thursday it it. 
The swelling in her face was NUTS!
This is Monday:

The swelling got really bad over night. Someone I talked to said that it is a a common thing that the 3rd day of swelling is the worst, and that was TOTALLY the case with Mirah. The scraps on her nose were really staring to show, and it was really hard to get the blood cleaned up because her nose was bothering her so much. 
This is Tuesday. 
The Scabbing was really setting in. The swelling was WAY down. 
She was crying because she missed her dad, I think. 
So we went to the dollar store and got some silly string. 
Surprise for Karl when he got home. 

Note on Silly String: Ugh it stinks! Also it is a huge mess. Also, totally worth it.
Mirah started to get her curiosity back, and wanted to play on the neighbor boys bike again.

Wednesday the weather was so lovely, and the leaves were so beautuful we decided to get Mirah in a cute outfit and take some pictures. 
That is dirt on her face…that she had just eaten. 

Her spirits were the highest they had been in days.

But the mood chages quickly, and she will be sad for seemingly no reason suddenly. 

Still grumpy today.
But she is just looking SO much better. The scabbing is almost gone, and the stitches are ready to come out.  

I think she is sick of me taking picture of her. 🙂 
She will just need to get used to it. 
Surgery tomorrow morning. 
She mostly looks like herself again today, I am dreading going back to bleeding injured Mirah.
Hopefully it will mean fewer problems for the rest of her life, so this week of pain and discomfort coming up will be worth it. 
Prayers for Mirah tomorrow.  

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