Conference Weekending it UP!

Mirah with her Halloween bucket and all of the cookie cutters.
Got hurt while at the play ground this week. 🙁
While Mirah and I played, Karl was, as usual, busy at work.
Making breakfast. 
Once it was all ready, Mirah was excited to eat!

We had some left over Carnitas so Karl deep fried it, 
Then threw it in an omelet with bacon and sausage.
He called it 3 pork omelet of the eggpocolips. 
With sarrachup on the side.

Mirah had her own treat, of pebble ice.
Between Saturday sessions we finally pulled out the garden. 

Look what was on our wall while we were working!
I found this amazing pot of flowers for super cheap at Costco. I put it on the porch with the garden harvest.  
Our porch just wasn’t big enough for it when we added our pumpkins!
Mostly we spent the whole weekend just the three of us laying around, and listening to the living prophets.
There were some games too.
Mirah watches me a lot.
I guess this is what I do all day. I need a new job. 
Getting so big.
An amazing weekend. So gratful for my family and the time we were able to spend together.

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