Krystin Comes to Visit!!

So a quick impromptu fashion show was made for everyone. 
Mirah in her new hat. Made for Caitlin’s wedding, the first part of her R2 Tutu Outfit. I think I want to have it done for ComicCon this coming Saturday. 
 What inspired this little fashion show??
Her lovely Auntie Krystin’s arrival. 
 Just because I knew she would hate it.
Mirah was covered in food when they arrived, so we took off her cloths. 
 Then there is someone who doesn’t mind all my kisses.
We mostly sat and talked. We did a lot of laughing too. We Pipkin girls can really made some noise. Mirah  was having a ball entertaining the group. She was practicing her summersaults. 
So good to see you my lovely sister!

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