Swiss Duds, I mean Swiss Days

So this year has become the year of:
“Doing that thing we have wanted to do since we moved to Utah”
Like going to Moab, and the Orem Strawberry Day’s rodeo, and buying a new car. 🙂 
So far, all of the things we have tried have been great, but I guess that happy streak had to come to an end. It came to a screeching halt at the Midway Swiss Days.
Yes the Midway Swiss Days seemed like such a good idea. We love festivals, and walking around, and eating, it should have been a match made in heaven. 
Our day started well. We got up early, got Mirah fed, ready and even napped, then we headed out.
As a parallel part of this annual festival there is a Sheep Dog Tournament. We passed the signs on our way into town, so we decided to check it out. I imagined that it would be like a park full of dogs running after sheep, but NO, that wasn’t the case at all. 
It was an all out sporting event that the soldiers hollow arena. We had to pay for parking, and then when we got up to the ticket counter it was $13 for an adult ticket, so we bailed. We hadn’t prepared well enough to sit in the sun for, at that price, would have to be hours.
We headed into town, and the terrible parking situation should have tipped us off. 
After parking 4 blocks away (a very good spot btw) we saddled up and walked over.
Despite the fact that we had been in Midway for well over an hour at this point we were undeterred.
Here are Karl and Mirah as we arrived at the event. 
As we walked in, there was a loud yodeler belting it out. There were people pressing around us everywhere. Karl and I hadn’t had anything that day, so we were staving and planning on eating here. 
The line for swiss tacos (which are just renamed Navajo Tacos) should have tipped me off to what lied ahead.
I got a Knockwurst sandwhich, which I could only eat half of becasue by the time I got to the second half the terrible brat was dry and the bread was totally soggy. Karl inhaled his chicken and swiss sandwich  so quickly I didn’t even get a picture of it. I tried to get squeaky cheese, but even though I waited in a line for a half an hour, getting a sun burn BTW, they would only accept cash, so I had to go with out, the jerks.
Mirah, getting really hot and eating chips. 
I don’t think that i mentioned that is was OPPRESSIVELY HOT too. 
We didn’t stay too much longer. It was just to uncomfortable, expensive and all together terrible. 
The best part was when we stopped in the shade to cool down and Mirah noticed a Miniature Collie and was looked at it for a while. 
No, scratch that. The best part was getting home and having a BIG glass of water, inside, out of the heat.  Never again swiss days, never.

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