Ward Camp Out

Our ward had an ill attended camp out on Friday night. We would have loved to try and stay, but as managers we are only allowed so many weekends away, and we had just taken a weekend off. We arrived a little late, but we were still the first family there. I am glad that we decided to bring dinner with us, because we didn’t bring any wood and the fires didn’t get built until we were leaving after 8. 
We stayed in a semi forested area out in Lehi.
It took nearly no time at all for Mirah to eat a bunch of dirt.

Eventually other ward members arrived and we started to play games.

Mirah just wanted to run around!
Here she is with our friend Chelsea Dixon! 
Mirah loves Chelsea. 
Chelsea is one of the other manager at our complex, so Mirah knows her well.
I played Quirkle with a few other people and then Mirah started to loose it so we decided to leave. All and all a fun activity despite the low attendance. 

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