Devanie and Aftyn Came Swimming

So one of the dearest friends from my past arrived on my front door today. 
Devanie Roberts and her beautiful and charming little girl Aftyn. It was my first time meeting little Aftyn. Devanie and Sam moved away when Devo was pregnant and I haven’t seen her since. We were packing boxes in her kitchen the last time we were together. I found out that I was pregnant the next day. Our girls are 4 months apart. It has been fun to watch Aftyn’s progress  because it is like a little preview into what Mirah will be doing soon.

So the girls (Devanie and Aftyn) are in town while Sam hangs drywall back at home. Devanie has spent her time here visiting friends. Our day was Friday. We decided to spend it with the girls by at the pool. Aftyn’s favorite thing to do was jumping from the edge of the pool into her mother’s arms.

Mirah, as always happens, started to get cold after about 20 minutes and wanted out of the pool. She does love to swim, and was having a royal time up to that point where she began to shiver.

No eating on the side of the pool…Mirah didn’t seem to get that memo.

Dev and Aftyn, kept on playing.
We tried to get a pic of the girls at the pool. Aftyn just wanted to keep jumping in the pool. Mirah didn’t want to get back into the water. 
Once the girls were inside, fed, and well rested again, we tried again for a picture.
So cute!

While the girls napped, we talked. It was great to be together and reconnect. We agreed that women just need women sometimes! 🙂
Friends forever!

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