7th Anniversary

Seven years ago.
Oh young Karl and Allison, the things the next 7 years hold for you…

I am so emotional about it. In a happy way.
So last year got me gifts based on the year. It was the year of iron and candy.
This year, year seven is the year of copper and wool. I have been looking and looking for months and after getting super lost on Etsy, I got inspired to make something.
For the copper part:

Karl ended up helping me make the hite, part of the sign. BUT I designed it, and made the other parts, and hung it.
 For the wool part:

A faux sheep skin rug.

We woke up early and we road to work with Karl. On bikes. We are also super recommitted to our diets. Well, more like I am recommitted. Karl is looking amazing. He is at his lowest weight in our relationship. He is looking so skinny and good. He always looks so great to me, but he is feeling so happy with himself. It makes me so happy for him. BUT, really facing another round of family photos then wedding photos; I am motivated with a timeline and a purpose to get down to my weight loss goal. I haven’t regained any weight, I have just stayed where I am for a month.

Anyway, I digress…

Karl got home while I was park in the car on the phone with my mom.
I heard a tap on my window. There is Karl in his bike helmet on his bike smiling and holding these:

The florist was very concerned when Karl arrived on a bike. Then when Karl told him that he was going to be taking it home by bike he was very concerned. Karl brought these flowers to me by bike and the image of him smiling at me through the window holding them up so I can see will be one I will never forget.

I jumped out, hugged and kissed him, told them they were beautiful and that i loved him and them. He told me to read the card.

He explained that he once heard a story about a husband that stabbed his wife “like a million times.” He said when they asked him why he did it his response was to say calmly, “well, we were married for 5 years and she only made it feel like 50.” Then he told me, “Allison, I SUPER love you and these seven years have past as if they were a pleasant dream.” I love Karl. I love that he thought of something funny  and memorable to say. 

We went out for a steak dinner, this time as a family.

Mirah was just cracking us up. She loves peanuts.
She just kept trying to eat the out of the shells.

Mirah and mom.
While we were away this weekend we played this little game while we waited to be seated at restaurants, while we ate dessert, while we sat squished on the Alpine Coaster Cart. The game was “top ten, bottom ten.” Bottom ten were things like getting fat, the miscarriages, the NICU and so on. The TOP of the top ten was of course, this little girl.

Poor thing, if this facing isn’t eating, it is defiantly being kissed!

Sharing with her dad.

The cool thing about the exercise was that we realized as we played, (it was ongoing throughout the weekend we would think of something and say “top ten, that time we were on the Beach in Vieqes” so it really just became saying good and bad things that have happened to us over the years) that so many more good things have happened than bad.

Top ten, that time Mirah insisted that she sit on the bench right by her dad at the table.


Ribs, steak covered in shrimp, salad. Karl and I didn’t eat any french fries or rolls, but MIRAH loved them. It was wonderful. We came home and put the lady to bed. While I was doing that Karl was out at the red box and getting us sodas. He came back with what has already become a bottom ten, “that time Karl made Allison watch the movie ‘MAMA’ on their anniversary and Allison spent the whole movie either crying or covering her eyes.” Karl of course loved it, but did offer a sincere apology to me as he left for work this morning as I hardly slept a wink last night.

Oh Karl. I love you forever and ever.

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