Camp Out…Fail?

So, since we took the whole weekend off from managing we were able to try a little camp out in Nitsy’s back yard. We arrived around 5, and set up the tents.
Our little tent. 
The Reddoch family tent. 

The kids were in LOVE with the tents. 
Here they are having a blast in our tent. 

Pictures just don’t do it justice. Check out the video.

Back inside we ordered Pizza for dinner and hung out until bed time. 
Mirah was hungry before the pizza got there, here she was look out the window, waiting for him.
SOOO cutely.
So onto the fail. 
Mirah really struggled to fall asleep, but eventually, after it got dark she was able to fall asleep.   
Then the rain started pouring down, and there was a hole in the air mattress. So we had to bring Mirah in so that we could sleep inside. The boys had a rough time too. But, I learned several things from this dry run. 
1. Let Mirah stay up at least until it’s dark, or at least when we go to sleep. 
2. We will need to bring a pack n play with us, the baby tent we borrowed from Betsy just freak Mirah out. 
3. Get a new air mattress. 
Once the kids were all in bed. We played games into the night. 
We had the door open to hear for the non sleeping kids outside, which brought all the bugs of the world inside. Betsy tried to take care of it.
After the night was over, the lovely and talented and generous Betsy made us breakfast. 
Mirah LOVED the blueberry pancakes. 

The boys wanted into get into the photo shoot. 

Then they started kissing.

Then Judah kissed Asher.

Then Judah posed with Asher…
and wouldn’t let go of the hug.
It was a fun family sleep over!

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