Escape Room: Neverland for Karl’s Birthday

Team Your Mom was back again. After doing an escape room for my birthday last year:

35th Birthday Dinner Party

The going for Krysta’s Birthday this year:

Escape Room, Excalibur!!

We all went out for Karl’s birthday again! Team Your Mom was down an Adam and a Chelsea, but we were up a Graham and a Sarah!

Our team was on the leader board for the other two rooms, and we were determined to get on for the last. WHICH we did! We are the new time CHAMPIONS!!!!

IMG_2174.JPG IMG_2173.JPG


After the escape room, we went to Crumble for cookies!


IMG_2184.JPG IMG_2186.JPG
IMG_2181.JPG IMG_2188.JPG
IMG_2189.JPG IMG_2187.JPG

Malia Karl and I had been to Sushi for dinner before the espcape room. So we all headed to our house and played Monikers and laughed and fought.

IMG_2190.JPG IMG_2191.JPG
IMG_2192.JPG IMG_2193.JPG

Happy 35 Karl. Love you.

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