Garden Update

It is getting HOT here. Which is great for my garden:
You can see on the far left my second round of sweet peas is coming in very nicely. I had one plant left from my first group, and it is all that yellow stuff at the front right. 
We have so many tomatoes, not that I am complaining. A hot vine ripened tomatoes is probably about the best thing in the world. It goes on everything, except dessert, but I am sure that a strong case could be made for that. 
Yesterday’s harvest.

Getting so hot is not so great for my potatoes. From what I understand, as soon as the plant dies, you need to pick the potato. 
All of my potato plants are dying so we pulled them.
Little undeveloped baby potatoes.

The biggest one of the harvest. 
It was dirty business. But fun.
Our Ukon Gold.
I also did a little patch of purple potatoes our front. 
So bright.
We picked cucumbers, and carrots. We even did a little neighbor harvest swap. 
This is Licia Kim, our neighbor. She had just arrived from an urban foraging mission getting tons of fresh blakc berries. She shared her harvest, so we shared ours.

We still have months to go, and lots more veggies to eat!

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