Birthday Weekend

The week went along. Karl has been SUPER busy with work, and unfortunately so have I. We missed dinner twice this week. Karl let me go to a movie on Tuesday night with Betsy. I thought I could return the favor, and it also gave me the time I needed to get his presents wrapped and ready for him. He saw Pacific Rim, and I think really liked it. 
The next morning…
If you are a Hite, you will know what this is…I think. 
If you aren’t, this is a picture of us listening to a YouTube Video of the Beatles Happy Birthday Song. I played it for him as he came down the stair to open his presents. 

Karl really wanted to open his presents first thing in the morning. 
Mirah got the taste of unwrapping presents on her birthday, then again on my birthday…and she loved it again on her dad’s birthday.
An Audio Extractor, so now we can Chrome Cast to any screen… 🙂
A fancy Tek Deck. Karl said he had never had a real one before. He had only ever used a piece of paper…so I got him one. He likes to have desk toys…
Lifting the weights. That I got him.
We worked really hard all day. 
Karl got off of work and I took him on a Surprise party dinner. 
It is a surprise in the way that he knew we were doing something, but he didn’t know what or with who. I wanted to keep it small. That seemed to be what he wanted anyway. 
The theme of the weekend was Food Truck Street Food.
We went to Betsy and Nick’s place…
Saddled up on the bikes…
Found the food trucks!
The rooftop concert series had food from all over downtown. 
Betsy and the boys.
We ate at Sweeto Burrito’s food truck.
Mirah at a little porky. Mostly tortilla. She didn’t seem to mind.
Karl had some of Rocco’s Taco’s too.
Reddoch family eating!
Mirah and her dad.
Karl got the Buff Chick.
A buffalo chicken themed burrito. It was alright.
Mirah unraveled her burrito, and her uncle Nick helped her. She just wanted to sit with him. 
We finished dinner, and road our bikes back to our car at Betsy and Nick’s house. 
Then, we drove out to the Riverwoods to have:
Via food truck of course.

Karl’s Chocolate filled waffle…
Mine with Speculoos soooo good BTW.
That is not ice cream, it is whipped cream, and it is like crack cocaine.
Don’t believe me?
Ask the kids.

The riverwoods was having their weekly Friday night farmers market, and we found the splash pad.
What has two thumbs, love to get wet and has chocolate all over her face??? 
This guy!

The boys were having a ball too. Asher was getting a little wet this time, and was also low riding.

Judah couldn’t get enough!

Cousins getting wet!
Karl and Mirah…Mirah was freezing. 
We went back to Provo and hung out with Nitsy. We put Mirah down for bed, and hung out until late.
Flash forward to the next morning. It was the 3rd, which meant that I had to be home all day to collect rent. My office hours started at 10, which gave us an hour to get down to the Provo farmers market, for like the first time all summer.
More food trucks!
Sweet bread food truck!
In the end we ended up getting two beef Arepa’s and an awesome chili Mango Raspado. Mirah loved all of that. Even the chili. But what she loved even more:
Fresh off the vine (is vine right?) Strawberries. 
You can tell they came out of someone’s personal berry patch. They were small, super red, and amazing.
Ask Mirah.
One big draw back to teaching your kids sign languge, their cloths get really dirty when they ask “please”
That is some Mango Chili Raspado on her face.
She is in this phase where she need something in both of her hands when she eats, especially when she is not eating at her chair.

I had to clean apartments, and was busy with other stuff, so Karl took the opportunity to take a long ride all on his own. We really do prefer to be together, but there are certain types of rides that do not lend themselves to our style of family riding. 
I will let Karl explain:
So, I spandexed up and followed my nose to the Murdock Canal Trail. There used to be a canal there, and I guess a bunch of kids were always jumping into it and stuff, so they covered it up with a trail. It’s very nice and very long. My nose did a horrible job finding the trail. About 12 miles down the road, I diverted to check out this cool park called Manila Creek Park Pond or something. Then I followed my nose (even more horribly) to the Bonneville shoreline trail. I basically shouldered my bike and hiked up the side of a mountain, through people’s back yards.
The BST is stony, gravely, and not super level. I rode it about 3 miles.

I didn’t have any water, so I dropped back down to the MCT to tank up at a drinking fountain. Total miles would be about 25-30. My Phone stopped keeping track at some point. Also, my tires sort of fell apart.
He looks really happy though, right?
Happy Birthday to the love of my life!

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