30, Flirty, and Thriving!

It’s official! I’m 30!
Mirah was up a ton last night. We were going to go and an early morning ride up the Murdock Canal Trail  but we slept in instead. We ended up heading out to have a little breakfast. Joe’s cafe was closed so we went to our birthday breakfast place, Guru’s!
Mirah is getting so big. Here she is with her dad perusing the menu. 
I tired to get her to look at me while I took her picture and she wouldn’t.
The food arrived and I couldn’t even get through the picture with out Mirah begging please for some pancakes.
We went home and got ready to go and and go swimming.
We made it to 7 Peaks Water Park before noon. 
The wave pool started up right as we got there, so we jumped right in!
Mirah was in LOVE.
She kept wanting to dive in head first. Then just keep her face under water. 
So cute.
Mom’s turn!
We climbed up to the top of the slide…Mirah’s first water slide!
Again she loved it. 
We had to take things a little slower than we used to. It was still so nice. So much fun. Another thing I have wanted to do with Mirah done! We went home and took a nap.
We got up and got ready to go out for dinner. 
Bombay house!!
The best part is that I had so many friends come!
Alicia and Addison!
Adam too!
Zac & Krysta, and Zac’s first dinner (Cracker Jacks)
The gang!
Betsy and Asher.
Asher handed me the cutest card that Betsy made for me. 
Nick let me borrow a book that I have been asking to use for the past 6 months, World War Z
Krysta and Addison. 
Dinner was AMAZING. I had the Bollywood Chicken, garlic nan, and Kachumbar. Heavenly! 
After dinner the ganged headed out!
Then over to get snow cones!

The boys were having a ball!

It took some time to get our snow cones. Nick and Asher wer e getting anxious!

Then they came!

Judah enjoying some roof water.
He caught it in the spoon, as it dripped from this hole.
Alicia got the Big Kahuna, and it is always astonishing how huge that thing is!
As big as Addison.
Once we were all eating I got to open some presents!
From Krysta and Zac!
Karl got me four gifts. He hid them in the car for me to find.

Each had a theme, of a feeling.

The first feeling was gratitude.
  It was a blue ray of the movie Logan’s Run. The premise of the movie is that they kill everyone when the turn 30.  I should be grateful I don’t live there. There was also a ring attached to the move.

The second feeling was happiness.
A video game.

The third feeling was “pretty”
A bottle of perfume! Glam princess!

The last feeling was classy.
A beautiful sting of fresh water pearls.

I love my husband. Alicia made a fun observation. I love birthdays, and Karl loves to give gifts. We are  well matched.

Mirah was getting kind of slap happy. It was past her bed time and she was all hopped up on Nan and snow cone. 
What a wonderful birthday!
  Thanks to everyone who called, and posted on facebook, and send cards. Thanks for all the gifts and well wished. I can tell this is going to be a great year! It was so wonderful to have such a wonderful set of friends and family around me. Love you all!

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