Birthday Eve

What a great day! Seriously, everything that a Sunday should be. Mirah didn’t get up today until almost 10! We leisurely got up, got Mirah dressed, blogged and got ready for church. Things looked great from there. Church was great with the addition of Mirah’s new quiet book. Well, she did really well in sacrament meeting. Then by the time I went to Relief society, it was pretty pointless. My friend Chelsea says we come to church to teach our children to come to church. Every little bit of teaching we as parents can glean at this point is a gift. I know she is right, but still, church feels a little pointless right now. I mean we will eventually have more kids, and the cycle will just start again. I just need all my kids to be in primary. 🙂 
Anyway, we got out of church early today to watch the Missionary fireside, which was amazing BTW. We were able to stream it at home, and Mirah was blessedly sleeping until the last few minutes. We were able to watch and hold hands, and look at each other, and cry. It made me miss Chelsea and being a missionary. Really, if you didn’t get to watch here is the link:
It is a couple of hours long, but it is really inspiring. 
After all of that, Karl made us an amazing dinner, and gave me my first birthday present, an ice cream cake. I love them so much, that I am sure I must have had one for a birthday at one point or another. They are super expensive though, and since our town’s 31 flavors closed when I was young, it would have been a VERY long time ago. (It has been Ray’s 21 flavors for years now.) I have wanted one for a long time, so the other day, Karl and I bike over to the local 31 Flavors and ordered one. We picked it up yesterday afternoon, and it has taken all my will power not to open it a million times. 
Before the cake however, Karl made a DELICIOUS dinner.
First, what good is any special dinner with out PARTY JUICE? (Eh Zac?) 😉
It has been so long since I have had anything with so much sugar…that stuff in SO good!
 Next, a cooked to perfection roast. It was still resting at this point. It soaked up all those juices, don’t you worry!

A large portion of broccoli

 And a bunch of Yukon Gold. 
Again, it has been so long since I have had potatoes. I was gearing up to eat the whole bowl…but I could hardly eat one and a half. We were left with tons of left overs, and no idea what to do with them. (Side note: I am (obviously) taking a few days off for my birthday. Things will be back to normal on Tuesday. I can’t feel too terribly bad. With a 17 mile ride on Saturday, and another long ride planned for tomorrow morning, I think we will be ok.)
Then, my cake. It was the smallest on e we could get. 
Isn’t it radical? I always seem to make my own cake (execpt for a few years ago when Krysta made it those rockin’ cup cakes for me) and this year, I just didn’t want to do it. 
There is chocolate cake Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream inside….I know, YUM!
Those are fudge stars on top, with a white chocolate tag, a fudge ribbon on the top and bottom and fudge drips on the side. The fudge drips are an homage to the “zebra cakes” that I remember getting from Boarwrights bakery when I was a kid. Love you mom. 

The day had been quiet warm, but the evening was so lovely, that we decided to take it outside and have a little picnic. 
 Karl and the cake.
 Me and Mirah having some cake. 
We didn’t give her any of the ice cream, there was plenty of cake and fudge and frosting to go around.
 She didn’t seem to mind.
 While Karl and I finished our cake, Mirah chased a bird.
 The bird eventually had to be brought back when she tired to get into a car with one of our neighbors.
Again she didn’t seem to mind. She just played air plane with her dad. 
 And gave lots of kisses.
I turn 30 tomorrow. 
Thirty, flirty, and thriving. 

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