Birthday Adam

Birhtday Adam, you know, the day before Eve…
So for a birthday present for me Mirah slept in to 9:30, and so did we! 
We got up, fed her and got dressed. Around 11 AM we set out down the trail. We now live in Orem near a bike path that leads right to the PRT.
The whole ride up the canyon is just that, UP. So it took us about an hour to reach our destination, Vivian Park. 
Mirah amazingly was able to sleep most of the way up, and woke up right as we were arriving.
When we arrived she was ready to run!
Karl and Mirah.
Mirah was still a little sleepy, but also, still so cute.

Karl and I sat on the grass and Mirah gave him a kiss.
I asked for a kiss too…
 She wasn’t having it. 
She has recently begun climbing up onto the play ground equipment all by herself. She is getting so big!
 We ran around, slid down the slide generally had a great time together. 
 I had to get back into the shade, and Mirah had a little I had a little snuggle. For about 10 seconds until she wanted to get up and run around again.

 Back on the bikes, we stopped by Bridal Veil Falls for a little cool off. 
Some guys from Qualtrics road by at that moment. 
 We waded into the FREEZING cold water. 
 Mirah got right in, but the water was QUITE cold. So our little dip was short lived.

The ride home took a little over a half an hour. We headed out to lunch, since neither Karl nor I had eaten anything that day. 
For Birthday Adam, we went to one of my favorite places, P.F. Changs.
Lettuce Wraps…
 Lunch arrived…and we had a great lunch together.
 We came home to rest. Karl and Mirah napped, and I finished her quiet book. (I will be adding a post with pictures soon.) It turned our really well I think…

Around 5 we headed out again. 
The River woods was having a Carnival Day!
Nitsy and the boys met us for a little while. 

 The biggest thing we did was get the kids faces painted.
 Mirah, HATING IT, and getting a little flower.
 The boys got arm pics.
 Nitsy had a ward party to get to, so we walked them out via a little cotton candy. 
Poor Asher has had a really hard week. He ended up throwing it on the ground. He has been sick and cranky. Nitsy were very brave taking him out. He did ok, but you could tell he was not his usually chipper self. It was great to spend a little time together. 
 Mirah, looking board.
 We stopped at a few other places. Like the tiny little animal petting zoo. 
This bunny was HUGE. Mirah wasn’t super sure about it.
 The animals were being guarded by this kids. He was SERIOUS business. 
 We got a funnel cake to share. 
 Mirah liked it.
We went to Jason’s Deli for a salad bar dinner, then home again. We got Mirah down for bed, right as my Friend and coworker Chelsea arrived to hang out with our sleeping baby so we could go to:
During the full moon in the summer they run Moonlite Lift rides.  

The place was packed, and even though we left a little after 9, we didn’t get up on the lift until aft 10.
 We had a BLAST. The views were gorgeous and even though there were people everywhere, it felt so remote and quiet. 
 It was hard to get anything until we had enough light as we were come in. 
 The moon was SO bright, it cast long beautiful shadows, and ruined all night vision. 
 It was nearly 11 when we got back, and the line had tripled. 
 One more shot of the moon. 
 An amazing day.  

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