Strawberry Days Rodeo

It’s my birthday weekend. Anyone who knows me/ follow my blog know how much I love my birthday. It is lucky that I married Karl because he loves help me celebrate my birthday. 
Friday was the first night of the Pleasant Grove Strawberry Days Rodeo. Now that we live in Orem, we feel a little more connected to the communities to our north. 
We left Mirah in the capable hands of the lovely and talented Krysta Whitmore who jumped in last minute to help…like a BOSS. Thanks Krysta!
We got there, got great parking, got our hands stamped and settled into great seats right as the Cash Cow event was starting.
 It was where little kids run after young cows with money taped to them. 
 Once that craziness was over we got some consessions:
Nachos and strawberries!
 The strawberries were AMAZING. It was a cup full of cut berries, with sweet cream poured over the top. OH MAN, and at $1.50 a cup, we were MORE than satisfied. 
 The rodeo was so much fun. From the bucking broco:
 To the Wild Cow Milking:
 Yes, you heard me right. Wild cow milking. The red headed guy in the middle works at Qualtircs. The game is that you have to catch the cow, hold her still long enough for one of the three guys can get a certain amount of milk from her. Yes, Double Dare on steroids. Crazy and awesome. 
 Karl loved it. 
 Karl and Allie, Date pic!
 Then there were some guys jumping on bikes… Pretty awesome. 
The last event of the night:
Bull Riding!
We brought Krysta some strawberries, and ordered in some Maria Bonitas for dinner.
Great night, and sweet kick off for Birthday weekend.

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