Fathers Day

Our Second Father’s day. If you can believe it, Father’s day last year:
Mirah was exactly a month old. 
This year, she is exactly 13 months old!
So grown up, so much finger jam. 
Fathers day was a long day for me. I wasn’t feeling great. 
I was able to make Karl some breakfast in bed, and somehow I got dinner together.
This father seemed please. We got him “Just Dad and Me” little critter book and a sweet tie for Fathers day. I also got shelving up in the laundry room. For him. 
Mirah eating her dinner.

So what was the special dinner?
Grilled green beans.
While in Puerto Rico last year they had these amazing little street foods called Pinchos.  I found a recipe and made them for Karl.
Fresh greek Salad.
I love you Karl. You are a wonderful Father.

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