Mirah in Summer

I know it is technically still the spring. BUT school is out, and it is 90+ degrees out these days. So even though summer is  still a couple of weeks away, it sure feels like it is in full swing. Mirah has been in a bad mood for the past couple of days. Yesterday while getting ready to have some people over for a BBQ I tired to take some pictures and Mirah was not really cooperating.
I kept sitting her down, but then she would get up and run away. 
She was at least having a good time. 
  I sat her down and gave her a container of raisins to try and keep occupied. 
Still, she is really not super into it.
 The flower in her hair is fell off the little pot of flowers on our porch.
 Then disaster struck.
 She ate all the rasins.
 (Side note, the scratch on her nose was an accidental self inflicted cut. We can’t keep her finger nails short enough.)

 Then our neighbor Will came out of his apartment.
 Which turned out she really like.

 Then she watched him walk away. 
 Under her neck…that is basically a mixture of apple sauce dirt and drool from the day. 

 Eventually the little BBQ got started. It was Zac’s birthday  and he didn’t want to do anything. So we made them come over and did a little something for him. 
 Mirah’s first apple pie. 
She loved it.
Isn’t Karl looking amazing? So cute and skinny!

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