Mirah is Getting SO Big

So my mom sent me this really cute ourfit the other day and I was getting ready to take some pictures of Mirah to send to her. She was all ready to go, I set her down did a couple of things then this is where I found her:
Yes with all her books looking so cute.
She is seriously getting so big and crazy. She will be 11 months tomorrow and I just can’t believe that it has been so long. She is really into books, and stuffed animals. 
 This is her favorite dolly Gretel. 
Last night she wouldn’t go to sleep. Karl put Gretel into her bed and Mirah went right to sleep.
She is also having a harder time sitting still. Which I know comes with the territory but it still stinks when trying to take a picture!

 She loves her puzzles and generally had a puzzle piece in each hand.
 I love this picture. She was saying “hiyeee”

Mirah is on the cusp of walking! She will stand, and cruise around the furniture  but no walking yet. Any day now.

My little beauty queen. She waves to everyone everywhere we go. She loves to laugh and “tickle” her dad. Her newest words are juice and cheese and she is just getting so big.


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