Addison’s Blessing

Our dear friends Alicia and Adam Walters blesses their sweet baby Addison today.
It made us reflect of when our little Mirah was born and how excited and happy we are. I can’t beleive that Mirah is almost a year old. Crazy.
Adam and Alicia are just the same, excited and happy to be parents.
The gang (minus Kendra who is taking the picture.)
Adam’s parents came all the way from Las Vegas.

Then there is Shari and George. (Bishop and Shari Englehardt.)

 Like surrogate parents to us all. 


Then of course the baby girl of the hour!

Our little baby was going NUTS in sacrament meeting, but still being so cute. I love her.
Alicia and Addison.

 What is it about baby feet that urges me to BITE them? 

 SO cute.

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