Happy Friday

A happy moment:
PhotobucketLet me explain each part:
1. Took a half at work.
2. For the past month I have been craving Hawaiian Shaved Ice. BUT, the only really Hawaiian Ice place in town isn’t supposed to open for another couple of weeks. Well, the actual company catered to Karl’s company today. They made me an extra big one, Blue Raspberry and Tigers Blood with ice cream and sweet and condensed milk. I was in heaven.
3. Karl company closed the first quarter with record breaking numbers, and so they also had a half day, where they invited everyone’s families to come and play. There was a BBQ, Hawaiian shaved ice, blow up jumpers and a Balloon Artist.
4.While I waited in line for my shaved ice, Karl went and got me something awesome from the balloon artist. Can you tell what it is??? Yeah, a robot. I am nestled here on a couch in Karl’s office.
5. Do I look happy? Cause I am!! Great news, we FINALLY finished Battle Star Galactica! I can get on with my life! Tonight we went and did a session at the temple, had dinner at La Ducle Vita, and are going to go and get some frozen yogurt.

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