Veterans Memorial Pool

Labor Day is looming, school is starting, which means the outdoor public pools are closing. We needed some fun in the sun at the pool as summer 2017 was slipping through our fingers.

The kids were STOKED to meet up with Krysta and Karen at Veteran’s Memorial Park. It was our first ever visit there. We have been to the Provo Public Pool so many times. 

Because I was in the water with the kids I couldn’t take pictures but this was  the main area we played in.

I had never seen this part before:

It was a cool wave pool. That big red ball bobs up and down creating waves in the pool.
The slides were awesome too. Mirah and Karen went down together about 15 times, no exaggeration, and then a life guard came and decided that Karen would have to 15 to take Mirah down with her. Ugh.

Krysta and Lucas were stuck together as usual. They love each other so much. After going down each of the slides with Lucas, myself, and playing in the wave pool too, I needed to get out of the sun. So Krysta and Luke went on the slides several times together. 

Lucas LOVES the pool. 
The day was perfect. Warm and sunny but not too hot. 
Sigh…probably our last pool visit of the season. 

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