Meeting Mrs. Sumsion

A couple of weeks ago we got a card in the mail addressed to Mirah. Inside we had a wonderful surprise! 
It was a card from her new Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Sumsion! 

It came with this letter:

We have read it over and over, and Mirah has been just SO excited to go and meet her new teacher, and see her new classroom.

Today, at 9:00 AM, after dropping Lucas off at a friend’s house, Mirah and I went to go and meet Mrs. Sumsion.

We were greeted by this wonderful view of her new classroom!

I didn’t get a picture of it, but there is a two story indoor play set right inside the classroom.

I sat down to do some paperwork, and Mrs. Sumsion took Mirah’s picture. 

Then they got down to some testing. 
Mirah identified all of the letters, and read a few sentences. She knew all of the phonemes and did so great with all of the numbers. 
I wrote a note about what I wanted Mirah to learn in kindergarten. 
What I really want her to learn?
To be happy learning
To make a great life long friend
To count to 100 by herself
To just be safe and happy
And I checked out this poster all about Mrs. Alice Sumsion. 
When their testing was all done we looked around the classroom. We found the bathrooms, and the coat rack, and even saw the teacher’s chair. 
Finally we took a picture with Mirah’s new teacher.
As we left Mirah was very excited. She just can’t wait for school to begin! 
PS: Lucas was having a total blast at the Swan’s house. They read books, played with cars, and even met their bunnies. Both the kids were really excited about the bunnies. 

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