Annie Jr.

Mirah’s birthday weekend began with an outing with Grandma Pippy. We went to the Hale Theater in Orem to see their production of Annie Jr. The cast is all kids! The adults are all high school students, and the orphans are of course all little girls.

We were going to go just me and Mirah. Then Malia was going to be in town, so we got her a ticket, then my mom found out about it. Then Maila didn’t end up arriving until later that day, SO it was Grandma, Mirah, and I.

The PlayBill was online, and the cast was great.

There were still mask mandates, even though mom and I were fully vaccinated. I was glad since Mirah isn’t.

The cast was all in masks too. The were funny clear upside down masks. They did great. They only had “Sandy” on stage for the Tommorow number, but he was SO cute. He was so big, I thought that it was an adult in dog costume. SO cute though, the most memorable part of the show. Haha.

I love going to the theater.

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