Saturday Party with the Whitmore’s

Mirah’s birthday weekend kept on kicking, we met up with the Whitmores to get the summer’s first snow cone. I got the rainbow with sour spray. Mirah too. Lucas got ALL tiger’s blood.

Karl…I don’t remember, Passion Fruit maybe?


We went to the park for an outing of RC! It was hot though, so Lucas needed to take off his shirt.

Karen was tired of driving Karl’s little car, so she wanted to do some volleyball practice.

Meanwhile the boys were busy playing with Zac’s VR googles. That you fly a drone with…

Karl was in his happy place.

We mostly had a nice time chilling in the shade.

Krysta taught Mirah how to make a dandelion crown.

We were getting hungry, so it was time for dinner. Mirah’s choice: Cupbop. This was a good choice since it’s gluten free for Krysta. Malia arrived as we were getting ready to leave the park.

The kids got into the pool while we waited for the whitmore’s to arrive.

After dinner, the kids turned on a Movie down stairs, while we watched Fast and the Furious 2 I think. Lucas came up, and then fell asleep.

Everyone is happy.

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