Mirah’s Birthday Weekend!!! SUNDAY! Church, New Light Fixture, Birthday Prep, Malia, The Whitmores, Dinner Together.

With Malia’s arrival on Saturday, birthday party prep began in earnest. Malia was taking the Rocket Unicorn theme by the horns and started by designing push pop rocket covers. AND the birthday cake.

We walked to church and got caught in the rain.

When we got home and Malia helped Karl take the old chandelier down. Then we did a puzzle, for fun. Then we made all of the Rocket push pop covers.

Once the push pop covers were made, it was time to make #9 cookies. Which made me realized, that this year I would only be using ONE cookie cutter. I will be using THREE starting next year… 🙂

(Mirah is 9 Lucas will be 6…)

After all of the party prep, it was time for some dinner. We were having our Whitmore family party.

We had rice noodle stir fry and tiger salad. YUM. We used the light saber chop sticks that Maryn gave us for May the 4th.

After dinner Karl, Zac, and Malia were able to get the new chandelier up. It was quite the endeavor.

Malia had made several cakes, and so we used two of the extra rounds to cake together that night.

Everyone is happy with cake!

Time for gifts! The Whitmore’s got her markers and hair chalk. She LOVES them. Malia got her a new dress that she brought all the way from Hawaii. Also very loved.

We gave Mirah her big gift that night too. Her very own brand new Kayak!!!

Before the gang left, Mirah and Lucas and Karen, tried out the hair chalk.

And before we went to bed, Malia’s cake…fell over…

But at least the chandelier was up. 🙂

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