The Final Garden Post

The day had finally arrived. It was so sad, the garden was dead.

Our poor cucumbers.

Look at our tomatoes and the zucchini plant!

A whole view. Yeah, it’s pretty bad.

This is how I felt.
So we harvested all that was left. Which included our carrots and a couple of cucumbers and a million greed tomatoes.

It was so sad pulling out the plants.

Although Karl seemed to enjoy it.

Karen celebrated when we were all done.

Nothing left but a shopping cart full of dead and dying plants.

Oh and a few green tomatoes.

Which we set into the window to hopefully redden up.

3 thoughts on “The Final Garden Post

  1. That was a great garden, and just think, only 6 more months and you can plant a new one where ever you are after graduation. It was a fantastic experience, and I'm so glad that I got to eat some of the fruits of your labors.

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