Halloween Time!!!

Did you know that my dad’s favorite holiday is Halloween? It’s a good one. Pumpkin pie from Costco. Yeah. We carved pumpkins for FHE, the Monday before Halloween.

We carved the pumpkins that we bought at the pumpkin patch in Springville.

Krysta’s pumpkin was so thick! Check it out!

I love the seeds…the combination of the warts on my pumpkin and the guts of it, make it look so sick.


We discovered that an ice cream scoop works amazingly.

Karl got quiet for a while and focused on a project.

oh my.
The hardest thing about pumpkin carving is not the act itself, but deciding what to carve into it. What do you think?

I think that Karen liked it.

Our pumpkins look like the laugh now cry later clowns.

Krysta did a “Car’s are Coffins.” Thing.
Karl couldn’t help himself.
On to Halloween day:
To Celebrate we went on a bike ride all day!
We made a few stops then went to this little park were we are lunch. Krysta and Zac and Karen were there. The day was beautiful. A wonderful contrast to just a few days before when it was snowing.
We had mexican take out from La Rancharita.
We ended up following Karen to the toys, where we all played for a while.
Krysta and Zac.
Karen and Karl played on the swings.
We rode leisurely back home. Along the Provo River.
Once we got there we started to get ready for our ward Halloween Party. What is Karl doing you might ask.
Getting ready for this:
He is a biker, that got into an accident.
We biked up to the church and the festivities began.
I am a communist dictator. I also wore this costume to work the day before, where my clients got a kick out of it.
Krysta and Karen were little red riding hood and her grandma.
Check our her bum! Krysta knit that hood herself!
There were other adorable costumes there as well. Like Des and Doug Butler and their son Alec. The Butlers are our upstairs neighbors and friends.
Brian and Jennifer Ricks. Jennifer and i serve in the Relief Society together.
This is Clarissa Haycock. She was just released as the RS pres, and is an awesome girl. She is Hermione Granger. She has a time turner and everything!
Geoff and Jessie Deshazer. Our old D&D friends.
This is the Godrey’s. Dawnee and I served together for almost a year on the Enrichment Committee. This costume is one of my favorites. She is holding a stud finder. It is pointing up to her husband.
This is our Bishop, George Englehardt, and his wonderful wife Sheri. The note pinned to his camo says, “I bagged my dear,” and she is in a bag, with the word, “dear” pinned on to it. I think it’s a hunting thing.
On our way out we met this group of people:
Deb, Uncle Rico, Kip, and La Faunda. The Petersons.
We rode back from the party with the Spooky songs on the 2.0 version of the soul cycle.
You can’t see much, but this is what it was like:

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