Our 100th Post!!!

When I realized this monumental event was about to happen, Karl and I decided that we would have to do something special to celebrate. We thought of maybe going somewhere special, or doing something cool, but then we realized that we have done too much cool stuff already. So, we are doing a top ten list, according to both of us.

The Top Ten Adventures of Karl and Allie

#10- Garden Day One
This was a great day. The garden became a really big part of my summer and fall. It was my first time ever planting a garden and it was a life changing experience.

#9-A Segway for Dad, for Christmas
This was seriously so funny. We laughed and laughed. It was when I feel like I really got to know Caitlin. Plus, if we didn’t get Papa Hite that cat, there never would have been those adorable kittens.

#8-Shake Your Peace
This was our first ever critical mass. Plus it was when we discovered Shake Your Peace, which is one of our favorite bands now.

#7-Zion National Park
We took this trip as soon as the winter was over. It was a really important trip for us. It was our longest hiking adventure to date, and we actually found the stuff we were looking for, unlike our first hike ever to the wind caves. STORMS!

#6-Scottish Festival
Our first experience with haggis and highland games. We had such a good time and will be one of those things that we will never forget.

#5-Lavender Run
This was our first 5k ever. Karl left me in his dust. Plus there are some really rockin’ pictures.

#4-The Best Way to Make Salsa
This was one of the most creative things we ever thought of. It was a thing of our genius. We all had so much fun doing it.

#3-St. Patties Day
This was an important blog for us because it was the starting of our bike lifestyle. I love the Pashley. She is beautiful, and I still love riding her everyday.

#2-Piano Extravaganza
This is one of the most ridiculous things we ever did. It was also my most commented on blog to date. This story always reminds me of why I love Karl so much. Only someone who really loved me would let me drag them around like this.

#1-Happy 200th Abe
THIS is the most creative thing we ever thought of. We love Abe.

Honorable Mentions Include:

Our Third
The Best of Times and The Worst of Times
Laser Eye Surgery Party
Betsy and Nick’s Wedding Trip
Any Time my mom had a birthday:
Labor Day with Nitsy

What’s Your Favorite Allie and Karl Adventure? Comment and let us know!

2 thoughts on “Our 100th Post!!!

  1. Thank you for the Christmas card. I was thinking about you the other day and wondered what you were up to…it was fun to see your blog.

    Are you in school? How is karl's school coming? Children in the near future?

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