We woke up bright and early Saturday morning. We baked a few cinnamon rolls and took them on the road to Farmington with us.

Karl was driving so I had to feed him. (That’s my hand.)
I was really excited to finally be able to go to Frightmares at Lagoon. I have seen the signs for years. I have talked about going to Frightmares since I first went to collage. I was so ready to finally go!
We got there 20 min before the park opened and were greeted by this killer car with a rockin’ sound system.
The day was cool and wet.
As we walked into the park there are awesome things to be seen. This wheel of water that Karl loved. You can’t tell in the picture, but the wheel was spinning.
It was so fun. There were stacks of pumpkins everywhere, this one was a really cool one near the entrance. There were these ridiculous headstones everywhere too. Here are some of our favorites.

One of the best Halloween-ie things that the park had going on were these costume boards. Which one do you like better? Karl’s or mine? We got into the park just before 11am, and by 1:30 we had ridden all of the big coasters. Wicked, was cool. Colossus: The Fire Dragon, alright, but they wouldn’t let us sit in the back seat. The Wild Mouse, was probably one of the worst rides I have ever been on.
Karl and I are chubby people, we know this. The carts were tiny, and the whole ride was tight corners, and my hips don’t lie, they are bruised. The Roller Coaster, was a really shaky wooden coaster. The Bat, one of the most boring coasters ever. There were several others, but the best one of them all was…The Spider.
As we waited for our second round of the spider I took this video of Karl. This is what I was dealing with all day. Yeah he thought he was really funny.

This ride was so cool. It was like the tea cup ride at Disney Land, except you are facing outward, and you are going up and down on a roller coaster. It was rockin’!

After all that excitement we decided to take a ride on the:
That’s right, a real steam engine.
The ride went around this little lake on one side,
and the saddest group of animals on the other.
I mean come on, what happened to this camel.
and this one?
There were deer, kangaroos, a lion. It was an impressive collection, but it was no San Diego Zoo, or Wild Animal Park.

After doing all the coasters, we got on to some really hilarious scary rides.
Check out these terrifying murals.
Except this guy. I think I feel a little offended.
Dracula’s Castle was the next one we road on, and although it wasn’t that scary, the fact that the ride got stuck while we were inside was probably one of the freakiest things that had ever happened to me. Well that was until we went to the haunted houses.
Frightmares is cool because it is a discounted ride pass, as well as a few haunted houses.

The line for the Haunted Houses were the longest ones we had encountered up to that point in the day.
The first one we went to was Hallo Ween High. There were undead cheerleaders hanging out as you waited. There were also these doofy little boys in the line ahead of us with this inflatable bat. They were screaming and hitting each other the whole time. It was so obnoxious. Below, I was trying to take a picture of the cheerleader, but one ran out in front of me as I caught him flicking the other little boy in the head.

The houses were rated with a spider system. 1 spider was not scary, and 4 spiders, the most scary and not for little kids. The little boys that were ahead of us both began to cry as we went in, justice.
I was a little apprehensive myself. Rightfully so. There were some lame things, then there were others that were totally horrifying. It ended with a guy in a mask approaching me and saying, do you want to build a boat. When I said, “no” he pulled out a CHAIN SAW, and we were OUT of there! Both Karl and I went screaming out the door. I almost peed my pants. This is me right after we got out. You can’t tell from the picture, but my heart rate is still elevated and I am panting for lack of breath.
Our next stop was the Fun House of Fear.
Also very terrifying. This one was cool because they have you wear these 3-D glasses when you get in. The walls were all painted with florescent paint. It was a trip. There was also a cyclops clown with a chain saw at the end of that one, which I ran shrieking away from. An attendant had to come after me to come and get my glasses.
Deception was the last one we went to, it was rated 4 spiders, but besides being more violent, it really wasn’t that scary.

It was around 6, and we decided we had seen all we could see. We had ridden all the rides, and then we ran into Wendy the Witch and friends.

Then we ran into this group of chain saw guys. Yikes. Karl said that if he ever created a ride it would be all chainsaws, all the time.
It was a fantastic day! It was worth the wait, the money, and the time.If you have the means, I highly recommend it.

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