Karl’s 25th Birthday

That’s right folks; Karl is 25! The old man is a quarter of a century old. What to do for such a momentous day? The truth is, one day of celebration isn’t enough to truly do it, so we did three days of party. We tried to do as many things as Karl wanted as we could.
It started on Friday night. An article in the Daily Universe called “The Seven Wonders of Provo,” lead us to this place:

The 7th wonder of Provo was lime-aide from this place. Ripples is out in the Provo River Woods. Behind the glass there was just a man and a woman that we assume was his wife.

Karl ordered for us, and got his lime-aide. It was really good. Karl really liked it.
The weather was warm, and breezy, and we sat in the sleepy little neighborhood and enjoyed the down time.
Our food finally arrived, and it wasn’t bad. In fact I thought my burger was better than Inn and Out.
Karl had a chicken sandwich that was good, but not as good as my burger.
Fried food. Yum.
Karl liked his lime-aide so much he got another. I finished off my meal with a shake, you gotta love the greasy spoons.
Karl’s bike has been having some problems the past little while, and he has recently become totally fixated on getting a new bike. He had his eye on this one:
That’s Karl’s finger on top of the seat, this bike was Karl’s birthday.
Karl seems that to be ashamed, or embarrassed, or hiding his total joy over his new bike. After the farmers market on Saturday we went over to Mad Dog Cycles, and picked up the baby. We never could have done it with out Zac. He has been so great. He hooked us up with a great deal, and make the purchase possible. He also gifted Karl those awesome fenders and a pair of paniers. It was awesome! Karl took a ride and loved it. Dinner time rolled around and we decided to bike over to a little Indian Place on Center Street called:
It was really nice. The ambiance was nice, the price was reasonable for ethnic food. Krysta and Zac joined us. So did Karen, she was going totally crazy.
Beside that, the night was so fun, the food was really good.
Yummm. Naan…
I know, I know, it looks like baby poop. It was amazing!

Chicken Tikka Saag

Boneless chicken barbecued in tandoori oven, then cooked with spinach, onions, garlic, ginger, cream and spices

It was some serious good times.
The rest of the weekend was great times. It all ended with cheese cake and an evening with friends.

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