Our Celebration of the 24th of July

Chelsea got into town on Wednesday and after a relaxed day on Thursday of Pei Wei Chinese food and to the Oquuirrh Temple Open House.

It was a really beautiful building with amazing architecture and beautiful…art work (Mom, I love you. Don’t be mad at me.)

By the 24th (Friday, Pioneer Day in Utah and Idaho) Chelsea was getting board. So we had to show her that we too, knew how to have some fun. We headed out to American Fork, to the Mt. Timpanogos Caves. We had luckily called ahead and found out that due to the holiday the caves would be really busy. So we bought the tickets early and went to Pleasant Grove tom get a bite to eat. There was a sign, and we had to stop:

The place was called:

It works like this:
1. You look at the menu and decide what you want. Then you call the guy at the grill and order.

This is the guy at the grill. That’s why it’s called one man band. It takes one guy to run it! While you wait for your food you pay quarters to listen to the Jukebox.

None of us had ever been before so we had NO idea when this picture was taken how big the portion sizes were.
Yikes. That huge plate is a SIDE of hash browns.
This is mom thinking Yikes.
Mom thought that I shouldn’t have posted these pictures, but I couldn’t help it. We did it.
Feeling rather full, we decided to start the hike.
Here we are, looking very full, and cute to boot.
It was at this point I was thinking, why did I eat that side of hash browns.
We thought we were getting pretty far with this hike and feeling pretty proud of ourselves. It had been pretty steep up to that point.
Then we past the 1/4 marker.

We were starting to get really tired. And pissed.

Not as pissed as when we passed this marker. We finally made it to the top and and all the steep, aching, stomach churning, tasting my breakfast again was all in the past.
Here we are looking cute, and just a little shinny.

This is s picture of the trail under the mountain.
As we waited for our tour to start, Karl read us info about the caves.
This is our tour guide, lets call her Ashlee. The child next to her was one of the four draw backs of the tour. The second and third things were his SUPER OBNOXIOUS brother and sister. The the fourth was their totally apathetic, non involved mother that didn’t do anything to calm, tame, or monitor any of her stupid kids. Ahhh, it feels so good to finally get that off my chest.

Here is another obnoxious mother daughter combo from the tour. I mean look at that kid.

Enjoy the pictures of the inside of the mountain:
Karl said that he was impersonating the guy from the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie…Davy Jones.
This is the largest stalactite.
It’s called the Heart of Timpanogos.
More weird features inside the mountain.
We finally got out of there. It was really fun.
You can tell Karl and Belle were having a good time as they both went running down the mountain.
Look at my mom. She is so cute. Especially in that tie dye t-shirt that I got her for her birthday.
Chelsea made the one she is wearing.

We drove back to Provo via the Alpine loop. There were tones of purple flowers this time.

What a day!

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